Smart Wireless Monitoring

Especially designed for medical-, healthcare- and food industries, the Smart Wireless Monitoring system helps you keep track of vital information concerning the environment of your products. All information is accessible through either desktop or our app so that you can be as on the go as your products.


Whether your aim is to maintain temperatures in chilled distribution centres, detect possible spoilage during transit or monitor temperatures in retail fridges, we will have a food temperature monitoring solution for you.


Whether your aim is to monitor multiple fridges, blood banks, operating theatres or critical equipment our systems provide the ideal tools for assistance with Regulatory compliance.

Heritage & Museum

Whether you are monitoring a small or large museum or exhibition, an item on loan or even remote sites, we will have a monitoring solution for you.


Whether your aim is to monitor multiple fridges, laboratory incubators and rooms or critical equipment failures, we have the product and understanding to help determine the right solution for you.

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How it works

Wireless monitoring helps you monitor almost everything, whenever you want from wherever you are.
Log IT's Smart Wireless Monitoring System provides you with flexibility and security while remaining an affordable monitoring system that cannot be matched anywhere else on the market. Log onto your computer or phone and gain access to critical data concerning your products, whether they’re across the world or across the room. Monitor a wide range of environments such as temperature, relative humidity, differential pressure, exposure to light and ultraviolet light, carbon dioxide levels and many more parameters.
Access graph analysis, detailed plan views and set alarms which notify you of specific environmental changes. All functions are available from your computer desktop, web-browser on any device or give the app a try, available for both Android or iOS. Specifically designed to give you a comprehensible overview with a list of sites, sensors within a zone, sensor groups and active alarms, all while you are on the go. Our Smart Wireless Monitoring System is the ultimate tool for smart wireless monitoring, and peace of mind.

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About Log IT

Log IT is a part of Brookhaven Instruments AB

Our Smart, Wireless Monitoring system is robust, reliable and offered at a competitive price. The system monitors critical parameters such as surrounding temperature, relative humidity, differential pressure, exposure of light and ultraviolet light and carbon dioxide. The system is suitable for the healthcare-, pharmaceutical- and food industry and is also the perfect monitoring solution for heritage and museums.

At Log IT, we have more than 50 years of experience when it comes to design, installation, validation and maintenance of monitoring systems in the Nordic countries.